Tech History Today

October 9, 1876: Alexander Graham Bell makes the First Phone Call over Outdoor Wires

Today, in 1876, The first two-way telephone conversation occurred over outdoor wires between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson. They used a two-mile telegraph line linking Boston and East Cambridge.

October 9, 1998: Hayes Microcomputer Files for Bankruptcy


Remember modem? Dial into the internet through an ISP? That’s what people a decade back would use instead of a WiFi. Some of you may still have that technology, but if you have dealt with modems for a while, you must remember Hayes.

The Hayes corporation was pretty big back in the day – giving your Apple II connectivity to the world. Well, that is until 1998 when its course ran out. Stocks went from $12 a share, down to almost nothing. Hayes had no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

Later in 1999, Zoom Technologies (now called Zoom Telephonics) bought the company.