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India Joins the list of countries who have banned TikTok

You won’t be seeing TikTok on Android or Apple anymore

TikTok, a video creating and sharing application, which has been finally banned in India, including Bangladesh and Indonesia. TikTok was there in news for a while for some wrong reasons.

Despite having millions of fans across the globe, the app has faced its fair share of criticism, and a seemingly endless number of controversies. Recently there have been quite a few calls for it to be banned which appeared to have been answered by the Madras High Court banning the app within the country. 

TikTok which has around 120 million monthly users in India, has faced this backlash because of some high profile incidents that have shown the application in poor light and resulted in banning including other countries. TikTok app download option won’t be present in any Android and iOS phones, ultimately hurting the Chinese app.

The reason for ban is basically the inappropriate content and pornography been uploaded on platform, also here are few other incidents that were reported in the media about problems that allegedly arose due to the use of the said app and ultimately led to the ban on the app in India.

Delhi teen shot dead as pistol goes off while filming TikTok video: Police

A 19-year-old teenage was allegedly shot dead by his friend as they posed with a pistol to make a video on mobile app TikTok. Salman along with his friends Sohail and Amir went out for a drive to India Gate.


While returning, Sohail seating next Salman, who was driving the car, pulled out a country-made pistol. He aimed it at Salman while trying to make the video but the pistol went off shooting him on his left cheek.They took Salman to nearby LNJP Hospital, where doctors declared him dead. A murder case and a case under Arms Act have been registered at Barakhamba Police Station and Amir, Sohail and another man, Sharif, have been arrested.

Viral Trend Of Jumping In Front Of Vehicles For TikTok Video was Gripping Kerala

The social media challenge which took the world by storm and people were seen jumping out of moving vehicles, dance and move along the moving vehicle and jump back on it? While the KiKi Challenge has since died down, a similar craze, which is even riskier is gripping Kerala’s youth. Called Nillu Nill Challenge, it involves a group of people jumping in front of a speeding vehicle on the road and dance after the vehicle stops.


The videos originally began appearing on TikTok, a video broadcasting app. It has been since widely posted on other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Initially, it began as simple thrill video with youths jumping in front of two-wheeler, often driven by their friends who know that they are making a video.Since then, people have taken it to a whole new dangerous level. There are even videos of youths jumping in front of buses on the road, catching the driver off guard and where a disaster was averted because the driver applied the breaks on time.

Man slits his throat making TikTok video

Another reported incident of TikTok video going wrong is from last year when in Chennai a man trying to make a video accidentally slit his throat on camera.

According to reports, the man was shooting a video where he was pretending to slit his throat. However, as he was making the video, he accidentally ended up slitting his throat for real and was then captured on the video trying to stop himself from bleeding to death even as he attempted to end the recording. His attempts were in vain as he ultimately ended up losing his life to the mishap during the filming of the fateful TikTok video.

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