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Game Of Thrones piracy fest breaks all the record

The Premier show of Game of thrones is a new piracy fest, got 55 Million times pirated views in 24 hours.

The most hyped and awaited show Game of thrones is back with its final season,it got released on 14th April 2019 and once again the piracy engulfs the show.The Show is leaked out again. This show so far breaks all record of Piracy.There were reportedly 1,20,000 BitTorrent users actively sharing the premiere of Game of Thrones season 8 after it got aired.You will be shocked to know that the first episode came out a few hours early for some people on DirectTV( An American  broadcast satellite service provider ) Now, adding to the long history of Game of Thrones leaks, well that would have been amazing for me as well to know the story early from everyone, but then it’s piracy which is illegal and a cyber crime.

Well, According to the data from the firm MUSO, 76 % of the 55 million illegal views came from unofficial and illegal streaming sources, while downloads made up 12 % of the number and torrents accounted for 11 percent of the 55 million. And 10 out of 55 Million came from India. well for your information this is 18% globally, which is shocking rate for we Indians. China was second after India for the most number of pirated Game of thrones Season 8 views, followed by the United States.

Game Of Thrones piracy


Not much later, the season premiere was also widely available on various pirate sites. The first pirate releases were not sourced from the leak, however. They came from Amazon and were put online just minutes the show officially became available online. Despite HBO being officially available in US, the total illegal views count is 4 million there. Well, Instagram recently revealed that India is the top asian country talking about Game of Thrones on the platform.

Game Of Thrones piracy

Game of thrones just tuned to PM Modi.

Mumbai is the top city followed by Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Earlier only Torrent sites used to be the main distribution platforms for piracy, but now unauthorized streaming sites are much more popular today. well these sites won’t make any viewing numbers public, but they should be good for millions of ‘pirate’ views as well. In contrast HBO and other related rights holders are already working hard to take fresh links offline, or at least remove them from search engines, but history has shown that putting down the Game of Thrones piracy is like breaking a big mountain with hammer.

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