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2017 Trends Internet Report by Mary Meeker’s | Highlights Games Cultural

2017 trends Internet Report

2017 Trends Internet Report: Meeker considers gambling the most kind of media, and suggests that early interactive gaming paved the way for a lot of the modern web. She points to noteworthy features of gaming messaging, and novel camera angles are adopted by other kinds of technologies and popular media.  Mobile messaging programs, car providers, streaming services, and sports media have all taken a page from the world of video games.  Maybe gaming has helped society .

She tallies the global revenue for interactive gambling at $100 billion (6,44,962 crores) internationally, using a 9 percent increase from 2015. And when gambling is when compared with other digital media, it beats out other platforms in the amount of time users spend with this.

Like many other businesses with an global presence, technology faces a political landscape. Meeker captured on the national debate over immigration, where lots of technology’s biggest names have clashed with the Trump administration over the president’s traveling ban and broader immigration policy.  Attracting talent from abroad is important to job creation in the industry, Meeker said.  According to the report, immigrants or immigrants’ children founded 60 percent of their most valued tech companies in the US.  In 2016, those businesses staffed 1.5 million employees.

2017 trends Internet Report

One notable first for the report came in the advertising section.  The cash spent on US advertising has cautioned that of the desktop, marking focus toward phones and the flow of ad dollars.  Online advertising generally, which combines computers and phones, is up 22 percent from last year, totaling $73 billion (approximately Rs.   The report hooks the increase of online ads on methods and much more dollars chasing the rapid growth in phone use.

2017 trends Internet Report

Expansion is slowing down, although smartphones are being sent too. That figure dwindled to 3 percent in 2016, whereas global shipment figures jumped by 10 percent in 2015, and 24 percent in 2014.

And while more of the world is coming online, something coming connectivity remains elusive.  The number of Web users around the world, now at around 3.4 billion, continues to climb, however, the degree of growth remains flat, at 10 percent.

The sum of money spent on advertising globally will surpass that of TV marketing, Meeker predicts that in the subsequent six months, just as cellular has bested the desktop in advertising cash.

2017 trends Internet Report

2017 trends Internet Report :- The most significant insights of this year include: online ad dollars, and the growth of the gambling industry, phone shipments that are slowing.

Their revenue and growth tower over the rest of the business.  Google’s revenue for 2016 was over $35 billion (roughly Rs.  2,25,807 crores) and is up 22 percent from this past year, the report said.  Facebook took in roughly $14 billion (approximately Rs.  90,296 crores) from online advertisements in the US and saw a whopping 62 percent boost from 2015.  Meanwhile, each other online advertiser, which Meeker lumped into a category called “others”, earned over $20 billion, with a 9 percent growth, compared to last year.  The report attributed the growth to firms measuring their participation and finding ways of audiences in Web marketing.

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