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YouTube Rewind 2018 Beats Baby, The Most Disliked YouTube Video Till Date

most disliked youtube video

YouTube Rewind 2018 Becomes The YouTube’s Most Disliked Video 
With More Than 10 million Dislikes

Annual recap of the videos, music and trends by YouTube have been the most awaited moment for the viewers. Unfortunately, YouTube is not able to satisfy its viewers this year. This is the reason that made YouTube Rewind 2018 the most disliked video of all time. 

The latest rewind video breaks the record of Justin Bieber’s Baby, which maintained this dubious title till eight years with an impressive 9.8 million dislikes. The latest Youtube rewind video took over this title in just seven days that too with 10 million dislikes.

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Why So Hate For YouTube Rewind 2018?

Despite being the biggest moment for YouTube as well as viewers, it became the most disliked video. This is all because of omissions made by YouTube, as per the reviews, comments, tweets against the video. It has been accused of making a “politically correct” and “advertiser-friendly” video. The video distanced itself from PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, Jacksepticeye, Smosh, Jacksfilms, Vsauce, Logan Paul, and more; all creators who could pull in a major chunk of viewers were excluded.

Furthermore, Marques Brownlee’s video explains what went wrong in the video that made it the most disliked YouTube video of all time in just a few days.

Is Viewer’s Support Important For YouTube Anymore?

We all noticed that Fortnite’s Ninja enjoys incredible statistics thanks to his highlight videos even when he is not an original YouTube creator. Above that emphasis was placed on late-night shows and celebrities who launched channels on the platform, which made YouTube to ignore the viewers perspective. So, It’s quite clear that YouTube has focused on what’s noteworthy to them rather than focusing on viewers support on the platform.

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