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Top 5 Gaming Controller For PC 2018

Best Gaming Controller for PC

Best Gaming Controller For PC Adds More Fun To Your Gaming Experience

PC gaming has a large dedicated fanbase who would want to have more fun while playing Games. We all know that mouse and keyboard can be used but some games are meant to be played with a controller. While choosing the best gaming controller for laptop, You must focus on the features like responsiveness, USB or Bluetooth connection, design and built etc. As per these features, we have listed out best Gaming Controller for PC you can choose from.

Five Best Controllers For PC: Choose The Right One As Per Your Needs

Best Gaming Controller for PC

PlayStation Dual Shock 4

DualShock 4 is one of the controllers with revamped design among all the Sony controllers since PSone. It has a rounder and sleeker frame, unlike its predecessor. Unlike Dual Shock 3, it comes with the new face buttons which produce an audible click when pressed. The new D-pad is a bit larger, no other big changes are made. It is a standard wireless controller for PlayStation but can be used as a PC controller with the help of tools to make it compatible with your system. The analog sticks with Dual Shock 4 are noticeably smaller than those of its predecessor.

It weighs 210gms and comes packed with 1000mAh battery. Moreover, it is the first one incorporate a touchpad into its design. The other features include- built-in mono speaker, light bar, Bluetooth 2.1 for wireless connectivity along with Micro USB and 5mm jack. The controller is available in different color options; standard black, white, silver, gold, red, blue, a green camo pattern etc at a price starting from Rs. 4000.

Best Gaming Controller for PC

XBOX One Elite Wireless Controller

XBOX one elite wireless controller is one of the expensive gaming controllers. But there are some features which make it worth considering. the controller comes with an Xbox One app which allows you to create custom control schemes and settings, swappable analog sticks, rear-mounted paddle buttons. It enables to adjust the brightness of the glowing Xbox Button in the center of the controller.

XBOX One Elite has been designed with rubber grip and smooth matte finish. It weighs 348g which makes it a bit heavy. The D-pad and the two thumbsticks are the interchangeable parts on the face. Apart from these two, there are six buttons on the controller’s face. You can remove the four paddles, named P1, P2, P3, and P4. The gaming controller comes packed with a USB cable to connect it to your PC and two AA batteries. 

Best Gaming Controller for PC

XBOX 360- Budget Gaming Controller For PC

XBOX 360 controller also comes in a wired version with a 9-foot cable with a breakaway connector. The controller is packed with two AA batteries with 40 hours of battery life each. It weighs 265g. The Xbox 360 can support up to four wireless controllers at a time.

It comes with the same face button, D-pad and analog stick like controller S. The difference comes with the addition the Xbox Guide Button in the center of the controller. It features two triggers, two standard shoulder buttons, USB, and 2.5 mm headset jack. It is one of the options for people who do not have a fancy budget.

Best Gaming Controller for PC

Logitech F310- lightweight Gaming Controller For PC

F310 features two analogue mini-sticks, two button/trigger combos, a D-pad, four programmable action buttons (A, B, X, Y), along with the mandatory back, start and mode buttons. 
The F310 is very light and weighs 181gms.All 10 buttons on the F310 can be customized to fit your play style. It lacks vibration feedback. 

Their sleek designs and affordable pricing structure make them a top choice. Maybe not for those who prefer a wireless controller for PC. It comes with a 1.98m cord.

Best Gaming Controller for PC

Razer Wildcat Controller

Razer Wildcat seems to be the alternative to XBOX controller. The pad looks similar to the Xbox One’s controller design in terms of size and shape. It consists of more buttons than the Xbox controller. It can be controlled with 
2 joysticks, 4 action buttons, 4 shoulder buttons, 4-way D-pad, Xbox guide button, and multimedia buttons. It weighs 260g.

The wildcat controller comes with a cord length of 3m. Maybe it is somewhat similar to Xbox controller but it is a bit expensive.

Gaming controllers are not necessary for playing but they certainly improve your gameplay. If you are looking for one, the above controllers for laptops are worth considering. 

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