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Tiktik Application Is A Free That Finds The Best Networks In Your Area

Tiktik Application

Facing call drops or interruptions? Tiktik Application helps users pick most suited telecom network in their area

Tiktik Application: Everyone residing in India is has undergone shouting to a phone saying “Could you hear me? Could you hear me now?”, while you are walking around trying to find that one spot at which the connection works.

Tiktik Application

The program Tiktik’s makers have attempted to find a remedy to this issue using data. The telecom operator releases a great deal of information about networks, rates, and connectivity, and finding the information can be a challenge, but Tiktik simplifies the procedure, so you can discover the network in your town.

The free program, available on Android, demands a somewhat frightening number of permissions to run, including the ability to access your account, contacts, place, SMS, telephone, browse and change files, access storage, device ID, complete network access, etc. That’s because the program also can help you to initiate the processing of programs that are uninstalled and alter other settings too, but it’s still hard to justify the level of access being given, considering that the key purpose – of assessing the system in your area, is accomplished by querying TRAI online. Here’s what the program’s Google Playlist page has to say on those permissions are needed.

  • Location: to identify the best mobile network wherever you are in India.
  • SMS: to send toll-free SMS to protect you against spam callers & balance cuts. We receive SMS, don’t read them. We need this for the port, control SIM features.
  • Phone: to dial and check my best offers for you.
  • Photos: to instantly share app insights with your friends. We will not access your personal files.
  • Identity & Device ID: to send a few important notifications (not ads) to your email ID. No spam guaranteed.
  • Contacts & Call-Log: for the fun-insights. This feature works even on airplane mode, we don’t access any personal information.Tiktik Application

Then the app does actually work pretty well if you’re familiar with the permissions and is nicely designed. When you start the program, you will see a list of languages to choose from – eight in total including English, Hindi, and other languages that are Indian.

Tiktik Application: The very first screen after that is a simple and easy to decode screen that shows you the many networks in your area (picked through location detection), depending on the data printed by TRAI. This is based on TRAI’s Myspeed app which means there is quite detailed data from all over the nation, especially in urban locations.

We analyzed the app and watched results which matched the information that we can get from the TRAI site, therefore Tiktik is using data or at least life. So right now, as an instance, info on the relative coverage in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 of Jio isn’t accessible, but the average download speed is recorded at over 10Mbps. Tiktik shows Vodafone with a full strength connection, with a speed of 5-10Mbps, the like Airtel, while put our Vodafone link at 8.7Mbps.

That’s important because there’s tons of fluctuation in data speeds and signal strength, so the data should be treated as indicative, not complete. It would be helpful to use.

Tiktik Application

That is just the first portion of what the program does. On this screen itself, you’ll see a door icon (the exit icon) which you can tap to ship the MNP SMS to vent out of your telco with no effort. The program also lets you discover what’s the best program and which telco to shift to, dependent on the network in your area. The next tab(s) meanwhile shows you the best plans and solutions available from your telco(s), and you can also see the conversation time and data remaining on your own SIM (supposing you get a prepaid connection). Tiktik asserts that the recharge provides it’s provided savings that are much better. The app isn’t ad-supported either.

Tiktik Application: Ultimately, there’s a tab labeled “pleasure”, and it shows one of that the people you speak to the maximum. It’s possible to observe charts breaking down whether you call that person or receive calls from them; you’ve “one call friends”, and so forth, all represented in boxes of different sizes depending on how far you contact them. We did not discover it to be useful, but it may be handy if you’re attempting to analyze your calling behavior.

Tiktik Application

All Tiktik, in all, is an app that may be very beneficial if you are considering changing your operator. It’ll find the best offers, the quickest networks, and everything happens through an interface. What we didn’t enjoy are the permissions though most of these might be explained, that the program requires.


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