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Technology – A Boon or Curse, Saviour or Destructor

Technology - A Boon or Curse

Technology – A Boon or Curse | Can it Solve world’s biggest problems

Technology – A Boon or Curse: So how many of us think that technology can solve all of our biggest social problems or perhaps maybe technology isn’t the answer and we just need to improve our social systems to solve our problems. Maybe the technology creates problems, but personally, the technology we have today could solve world’s biggest problems also like food, water, shelter or energy for everyone on the planet within 10 years and at the same time these technologies are also so powerful that they could also greatly harm our society. And today thus we need to come up with new ethical frameworks on how to use these technologies constructively. We need to redesign of how should our societies, our governments, our economic systems, our educational systems work.

Somewhere along the line, the technology is changing; this big expensive infrastructure isn’t what the technology had to be. In 2011, there is this place known as the Singularity University, based in the Silicon Valley says to use exponential technology to solve the world’s biggest problems, to impact the lives of the billion people in a positive way. Indeed the technology has changed, we live in a world that is digital and we are digitizing everything that we can from the internet to our DNA to bow we manufacture goods and digital technology is different than the old technology.

It’s cheap, it scales very, very fast and you can iterate with it, work with it and almost anyone in the world can take up this technology for their own use as well. There’s a company called mater net, world’s first use of Drones for transport, came up with the idea that could use these cheap flying robots to deliver medicine in low-income countries where people might have walk 8 hours a day just to have a lab test or to get medicine.

Technology - A Boon or CurseThe company worked and created a whole new drone transport industry that exists today. That was a very powerful experience because we learned the power of technology today and how it could dramatically solve our social problems. But in last few months ISIS has been using drones to kill people by putting bombs on them and send them as soldiers.

Likewise, we can change the education system too with the help of technology. We can work on improving education through virtual reality. And within a month a hundred and twenty schools in Myanmar signed up to train the teachers in 21st education.

Technology - A Boon or CurseThis does not cost a lot of money to do this and there is a hope that we are rapidly improving our education system globally. There is another team RSA from Europe, they are building Artificial Intelligence so that they can perform biomedical research.

Technology - A Boon or CurseEmphasizing the technology, it’s not that expensive, doesn’t take that long to build. We live in this world now where anyone can start creating solutions but there is a dark side too to technology. Though these self-driving cars that are being innovated through artificial intelligence are getting popular because of less pollution, economical and they reduce traffic accidents they are going to cause possibly massive unemployment.

Technology - A Boon or CurseBecause this technology is so economical that our current economic system will be able to work in the future. Many of us are aware of the internet, social media site like Facebook, that stands for giving everyone a voice, it is good though that everyone is contributing to society through generous ice bucket challenges raising two hundred million dollars to help cure a disease. But imagine if everyone gets access to the internet and create their own paid websites and news sources, it will be impossible for us to know which news is authentic. This has caused a crisis actually already in many places. These are very big fundamental changes that are happening right now. So it’s not the technology that is good or bad but it can save a life or can kill a life. It’s what you intend to do with it.

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