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Pixel 3XL: Were You Leaked Purposely?

Pixel 3XL
Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3XL. Image coutesy: Evan Blass(Twitter)

I am not saying it happens, but I am also not saying it doesn’t.. Maybe Google leaked the Pixel 3XL..

With this day and age of competition in the smartphone genre, the phone makers are trying with every inch and nail of efforts to win over the consumers. Some of their tactics pay off, some don’t and some are just weird (Looking at you Samsung!) but that doesn’t stop them from trying, sometimes too hard. The latest device that fell into the ‘leakland’ was the Pixel 3XL, with first renders out as early as March. Now, there are a number of videos and images of the Pixel 3XL which isn’t supposed to be out until later this day. But if those leaks are true, which I am inclined to believe that they are, are phone makers purposely leaking their devices?

Now, I’m not saying all manufacturers do that, or any one of them has done it, but sometimes these said ‘leaks’ are obtained from stupid reasons to believe. Like the Pixel 3XL spotted in the subway being used freely, or the reports of it being left in the back of a cab. Phone makers generally try too hard to create a surprise for their consumers, and these stupid reasons negate that, it makes them seem not trying enough to keep a secret a secret. Now, again I am not saying that these were done on purpose, but think about it. These renders have been out for a while and many technology enthusiasts are already familiar with the design, so why not try just a little but to keep what’s left of the surprise and not spoil it completely.

Who is at fault?

This doesn’t just apply to Google. Huawei, with its Mate 20 series also has been accused of not even trying to hide the phone in public long before its release. And the ‘leakers’ as they are so lovingly called, seem to get the final design and specifications of the product way before its release. Now the question is, what causes this and who is at fault? The answer is we, the impatient generation who wants to know everything before it is supposed to happen. The original iPhone was such an amazing surprise because it was unexpected and unpredictable. Imagine knowing everything about the device and going to the event and coming out unimpressed. That’s what has become of us, we are mostly unimpressed.

The problem with revealing a surprise before its even supposed to be announced, is that it would be easier to find faults in it and everything in it would seem boring, as you already know what you’re in for. People who find this notch (which is very deep!) on the Pixel 3XL ‘ugly’ and ‘non-innovative’, would’ve already made up their mind on whether the phone is worth buying or not. This seems like a perfectly good reason to trash the whole argument of “Are phone makers purposely leaking their device?” The argument makes a good point, I will give you that, but maybe this is to gain attention and to divert that same attention into something that’s just ‘meh’ to cover something that would actually come out to be ‘wow!’.

But so far, even if the leaks are true and if Google is doing it on purpose, it seems that they are extremely confident of their device, which is nice but their confidence doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will be without flaws. So, the point here is, phone makers, if they are leaking their devices purposely, are giving a chance to buyers to either wait, or not even have another look at the device ever again.

So, what was the point?

Now I don’t want to sound like an old guy with a stick, but yeah, I would like to keep a surprise well, a surprise and while I appreciate those ‘leakers’ that they are bringing those technology into the world before it is formally announced, one can’t help but wonder. All the phones that have launched this year, almost every one of them was already leaked and yes, if some of them were leaked, I wouldn’t have questioned anything, but this doesn’t seem to add up. How do they have access to almost every upcoming smartphone and gadgets and if some inside source is feeding them this information and that too under the companies’ nose, then I think they need to be strict with who has access to new technology. But I still am sceptical that companies, and maybe Google in this case has purposely done it. Lets see and use the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3XL just to be sure we are right.

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