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5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone | That Is Interesting

5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone

5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone that helps to know the better features

5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone: With a total of three cameras with movement tracking and depth sensing abilities, ASUS has stepped to the Augmented Reality platform. This is the beginning, a smartphone that can change every thing, ASUS ZenFone AR is not just a smartphone, but as a result of its capabilities, it’s futuristic. Now Lets see the 5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone.

5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone


1) ASUS ZenFone AR is among the planet’s most powerful smartphones
Wondering this smartphone that is power-packed with 8 GB RAM is powerful enough for all the jobs you throw at? Definitely, yes. The ASUS ZenFone AR is among the world’s most powerful smartphones, packed using a fast 14nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC comprising four Kyro 280 cores clocked up to 2.34 GHz and Adreno 530 for all those graphic intensive tasks. The latter is still regarded as somewhat respectable and perfect, while Qualcomm has yet another Snapdragon 835 powerhouse which is that the version of this Snapdragon 821.

Digging deep in the specs, and you will realize that the 8 GB RAM uses the faster LPDDR4 type and a 128 GB ROM using UFS 2.0 storage. The storage ASUS and expands up to 200 GB through microSD provides 100 GB Google Drive free space lifetime, GB ASUS WebStorage.

2) ASUS ZenFone AR is Google Daydream ready

For people who are not aware of this Daydream, the next generation of VR of Google is the Google Daydream. Forget about the cardboard, the Daydream is a system which lets you experience the virtual reality neatly. The Daydream headsets come.

ASUS has put a screen with a contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 and, 1 ms response time and 2 ms persistence time, on the ZenFone AR. Response time refers to how quickly that the pixels light up and power down as Persistence and the screen changes refer to how fast the pictures take to fade from the pixels. For Virtual Reality, these timings are crucial ensuring that the scene changes rapidly since the movements of the consumer’s head is without blurring. This also prevents motion illness or pain due to it.

3) ASUS ZenFone is Google Tango Certified

The ZenFone AR includes a technology by Google that claims to change how we store, Tango AR, socialize with products, and much more. AR is merely a way to fuse virtual objects into the actual world, imagine you place a BMW i8 almost in your garage with the AR and walk around the car, have a look inside, even change options like the color, seat materials, or add on accessories, all in real time. It does seem?

Similar to human eyes, the ZenFone AR don’t forget the key visual features of a physical area and can observe just how far are walls, the floors, and objects in a distance. It can be then augmented by the ZenFone AR with images or items that take you to a new world of entertainment, learning and experiencing life.

This isn’t the first Tango device we have observed, the mid sized 6.4-inch Lenovo Phab2 Pro phablet managed to get in the Tango area early, however, we can’t deny the simple fact that the ZenFone AR is the most powerful Tango apparatus also.

4) ASUS Tricam 3 back cameras enabling Tango

The ASUS generation camera tech — TriCam combines every technology. There are a total of three cameras on the telephone being the first one is 23 MP Sony IMX318 Exmor RS camera that takes amazing shots. Every camera plays a role.

5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone

The 23 MP is the camera that allows users view virtual objects in the world with details, another two are focused on motion tracking and depth sensing abilities. The motion tracking camera monitors the location of the item as it goes through 3D space while the depth sensing camera helps the ZenFone AR to feel its distance from the actual world objects by shooting an infrared ray and calculating the time it takes for this to reflect objects and return back.

There is quite a few Tango apps Play store that is available on Google to experience the AR. Augmented Reality is a fun if you understand what I mean if used well.

5) Immersive Audio experience with DTS technologies, NXP AMP
When everything comes premium the experience doesn’t compromise. For the speakers, the sound is delivered via a powerful 5-magnet speaker driven by NXP amplifier to squeeze out audio that was even louder without distortion. Music lovers will be enthusiastic about its Audio. That’s something crazy stuff in regards to mobile phones.

With the 5 Facts About ASUS ZenFone AR Smartphone is an impressive smartphone and the company has managed to take it.

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