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Noke: Keyless Bluetooth Padlock To Share Access To Your Stuff


Noke saves you the trouble of losing your keys as you can use bluetooth to unlock

Noke, a water-resistant, connected padlock that doesn’t need a physical key to be unlocked — the clue is in the name, which is pronounced ‘no-key.’ Instead it uses Bluetooth connectivity as the unlocking mechanism, triggered when your smartphone is nearby.

Now we’ve seen many Bluetooth-connected locks pushing their way into the frame in recent years with their promise of keyless convenience, powered by the rise of less thirsty flavours of Bluetooth that can run for longer on battery power.



A few that spring to mind include smart bike lock, Lock8, which won last year’s Disrupt Europe battlefield competetion in Berlin with its grand plan to build a peer-to-peer bike sharing/renting community based on the lock owner’s ability to provision temporary digital keys. There’s also Bitlock, another smart bike lock which packs a mapping and tracking feature. And then there are myriad smart locks designed for doors in or on your home, including Lockitron, Kevo GOji and Genie to name a few.

But Noke — which is already in the market and was launched through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is a simple and multipurpose connected padlock. It offers keyless entry to your garage or shed or yard or ladder or gym locker. Or indeed your bike. Wherever or whatever you would normally stick a padlock on to keep secure.


Digital keys are provisioned via the Noke Android or iOS app, with flexibility to grant access permanently, once, or for a custom configuration. The padlock functions with devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 — which includes iOS devices.

If you forget your phone or it runs out of battery, the Noke can also be unlocked via a click code, based on a series of short and long presses on the lock shaft. Clicking the lock shaft is also required to trigger an unlock with your Bluetooth device so that it knows to start scanning for a nearby connected device (to save on draining battery by constant checking).



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