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Anthem is crashing your PS4? Here’s why

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Anthem is crashing some PS4 consoles and EA has no clue

After users had reported that Anthem on the PS4 was crashing and shutting down consoles Sony is even offering refunds to some players. Further, It appears that EA is finally aware of the issues that are plaguing Anthem. A post from the company on its official support forums witness that EA is aware of the game’s issues. It is even trying to figure out the reason for this. They have no clue for Anthem PS4 crashes just yet.

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In rare cases, PS4 owners are reporting that their consoles are being bricked to the point they’ll no longer properly turn on. Is this a side effect of the hard drive? or other components which lead to spontaneous power loss? Maybe they’re not designed to do that and that is why the PS4 normally runs a hard disc check every time it accidentally gets unplugged.

If you are planning to play EA’s new online multiplayer action RPG Anthem on PS4, it is best to delay installing – at least for the next few days until EA finds the solution. It doesn’t matter that you are playing on the more powerful and expensive – PS4 Pro players. Even PS4 Slim owners are facing Anthem PS4 crashing issue.

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