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Hackers Can Kill Millions If Cars Are Compromised

Hackers Can Kill Millions

Terrorist hackers can kill Millions by remotely taking control of cars

Hackers Can Kill Millions: Car hacking should be considered a national security issue, as hackers may “kill tens of thousands” of people using hijacked automobiles, cautioned an expert.

Hackers Can Kill Millions

Deaths are inevitable within five years if automobile manufacturers do not rush to resolve cybersecurity issues and fix vulnerabilities in engineering, Justin Cappos, a computer scientist at New York University, was quoted as stating to on Monday.

Any car built since 2005 could be controlled remotely by hackers using a few cars built as long ago as the year 2000 also in danger. Hackers could already be causing injuries without the authorities realising it because nobody was searching for the signs,” Cappos said.

Hackers Can Kill Millions

“If there was a war or escalation using a country with powerful cyber capability, ” I would be very afraid of hacking of vehicles.” Once a vehicle’s internal computer system is hacked, the hackers would have the ability to tamper with key functions, including the braking system, power steering, and locking mechanisms.

“a number of our enemies are atomic powers but any nation with the capacity to launch a cyber-strike could kill tens of thousands of civilians by hacking cars. In 2015, cybersecurity specialists had in a revelation said that there were a series of bugs in Chrysler’s Jeep Cherokee, which might take control of the dashboard of the car, locks, brakes and windscreen wipers.

Hackers Can Kill Millions

As a result, Fiat has been forced to recall 1.4 million automobiles in the united states for upgrades. Business bodies have, however, thwarted Cappos’ claims, stating that work is currently well underway to help prevent hacks.

“Billions are encouraged to remain ahead of criminals and new cars have never been more protected,” that a spokesperson for the UK’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders was quoted as stating to the on Monday. Rob Wainwright, the executive director of Europol, tweeted: “Cybersecurity is obviously a significant issue but it’s unlikely to be taken seriously by sensationalist comments in this way.”

Hackers Can Kill Millions

As in the last few decades, street vehicles are found to be susceptible to cyber attacks, car hacking can pose a serious threat in the coming years. Back in March 2016, an investigative report produced by International Data Corporation (IDC) and commissioned by security company Veracode discovered that it could be years before adequate cybersecurity protections are put in place.

“The industry is only beginning to debate cybersecurity issues surrounding connected cars. Producers (said) that it’s going to be one to three years earlier connected car systems are implemented with complete consideration of these issues,” the report found.

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