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Final E2000 Earphones: Best-Value Earphones Which Cost $45

Final E2000

Final E2000 earphones are the real deal for music fans

The Final E2000 earphones are one of the most sensational earphones tested at a reasonable price of $45 and sound as sweet as the price itself. The Final E2000 are made by a relatively obscure Japanese company and have a price that’s hard to beat, considering the  good quality.

The FinalE2000 earphones are structured around a single tiny dynamic sound driver, measuring just 6.4mm in diameter. This makes for a minimal tubular design, and it surprises it’s users with the depth and impact of the bass they produce from such tiny enclosures. Nor is it tuned to exaggerate any particular portion of the sound spectrum, but is incredibly satisfying to listen to.

final E2000

Final has done a terrific job of balancing the sound of the E2000s to make it dynamic and emotive. The company admits it has boosted high frequencies by just a touch to make vocals feel more present and immediate. It combines the high frequencies and vocals with the substantial bass response which makes these earphones very enjoyable to listen. It also helps that they have a broad and realistic soundstage, presenting music with a ton of separation between the various sources of sound.

Interestingly, the Final E2000 earphones also has a very similar pair of E3000s, which cost slightly more and are made out of steel rather than the E2000s’ aluminum. Beside their great sound, the E2000s also provide good isolation from external noise and are super light and comfortable. That being said, they’re not without their limitations, as their thin wire feels flimsy and lacks any remote control or microphone options. The Final E2000 earphones are also not to be confused with any sort of high-fidelity or high-resolution headphones. They don’t have the finesse and resolving precision of a Bose or Beats but are incredibly comfortbale and worth the money.

Final E2000

Unlike Zero Audio, Final is a company that makes more than just affordable earphones. It also sells the hopelessly eccentric Piano Forte X, which cost $2,199, and has a full line of over-ear headphones. This company knows how to make a heart beat faster, and though the E3000s show it doesn’t always get it right, the E2000s are a great example of Final at its best.

If your priorities include great sound at a reasonable budget, the E2000s will not disappoint.

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