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Best Selfie Drones of 2017: Which One Should You Buy?

Best Selfie Drones of 2017: Just Look Up and Smile

When the drones arrived on the retail market, it was better to fly outside, the higher and faster the better. As the cameras improved and drones began to float with unbelievable accuracy, close-ups became possible. Here are some of the best selfie drones of 2017.

Quadcopter have become smaller and smarter, now they can stay in your pockets, fly inside the house without worrying about an accident, and start playing their selfie. In other words, they allow you to put your selfie at stake.


Best Selfie Drones of 2017Perhaps the DJI Mavic Pro is overkill for basic selfie needs, but it may just be one of the most capable. The overall flight stability of the Mavic Pro makes it a superb option for your selfie needs, whether indoor our out you can expect this folding drone to hover in place with great accuracy. The 4K camera with 12MP still shots excels at large images of landscapes, and is not exactly designed for low-light shooting, but it’s one of the best out there nonetheless.

2) Yuneec Breeze

Best Selfie Drones of 2017Yuneec offers a fun and capable little drone in the Breeze, a 13MP, 4K shooting mid-range drone with inexpensive accessory pack that includes a remote and FPV headset. Several autonomous flight modes are designed around taking photo and video of you. Fly by mobile phone to access Orbit and Follow-me modes, as well as the Selfie mode to tackle what you came here for today.

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3) Hover Passport

Best Selfie Drones of 2017One of the original players in the selfie drone game, the Hover Passport offers extremely simple controls. Just toss it into the air and it should remain hovering in place. Use the mobile application to control the unit. Folding, strong, well protected, small enough to not need FAA registration and a few autonomous flight modes make the Hover Passport an intriguing option.

4) JJRC H37 Elfie

Best Selfie Drones of 2017JJRC is best known for low cost toy class drones, and we’d be wrong to suggest that the H37 class Elfie is any different. However, features like altitude and position hold, along with a decent 0.3MP shooter may just be the right option on a budget. Don’t mistake this for a drone that would make it on our best camera drones list, but if you are looking for a folding drone and have less than $50 to spend, well, this is a solid offering..

5) Zerotech Dobby

Best Selfie Drones of 2017Zerotech has built a little machine that folds up, has folding propellers and flies easily by smartphone app. Offering up 13MP stills and 4K video, Dobby is a decent device for your consideration. While we give full credit to the flight capabilities of this drone, we are a tad underwhelmed by the feature set and choices in camera modes – they are not all that different than many on our list, but still different. By description, Dobby offers 10s auto follow short video shooting, I’ll just leave that with you to ponder.

6) DJI Spark

Best Selfie Drones of 2017DJI has announced and started pre-sales, but have not yet started shipping the new DJI Spark. We went to New York to enjoy the launch event for this tiny drone with a unique control method, your hands. The Spark is not the first drone to accept hand gestures for certain actions, but it’s the first we know of that can be flown entirely, from take off to landing, from the palm of your hand. The new Quickshot camera modes add a level of ease for any pilot, even first time fliers, as the drone handles the hard stuff, you just have to smile and wave.

So here are our list of best selfie drones of 2017. Do tell us yours.

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