Google Buys Senosis Health, Diagnostic Apps for Smartphones

Google Buys Senosis Health, a Seattle-based health monitoring startup founded by University of Washington Professor Shwetak Patel, the media reported.

According to a biography at University of Washington website, Patel was a founder of Zensi, Inc.

Using functions on a smartphone such as camera, microphone, flash and its accelerometer, the Senosis programs can track lung health and haemoglobin counts, among other things, the report stated.

Google Buys Senosis Health

It marks the latest acquisition for Patel, whose previous startup ventures have landed in the hands of businesses such as Belkin International and Sears, according to the report.

For example, to measure the haemoglobin, Senosis’ app uses the flash to light up a user’s finger of the phone.

Patel, who founded the firm is a professor at University of Washington’s computer science and engineering school.

The New York Times also honoured A recipient of many awards as a leading technology of the year in 2005.

He is also a co-founder of a sensor platform company named SNUPI Technologies along with a consumer home sensing product named WallyHome.

WallyHome was obtained by Sears in 2015.