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Top 5 Car Safety Features Which Your Car Must Have

Top 5 car safety features

These Top 5 Car Safety Features Will Keep You And Your Family Safer!

As cars become more affordable and smarter, we have to remember that safety should not be compromised under any financial benefit. So, to minimise accident-related risks, here is the list of 5 car safety features one must have in their vehicles.

Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS)

Anti-lock Braking System may have been initially developed in 1929 for aircraft, but they now have become a mandate as a basic safety net for everyday driving. Earlier a feature mostly fitted to luxury cars, ABS is now fitted to about every new and affordable car too.Top 5 Car Safety Measures

Under panic braking, a driver most likely stamps his/her foot on the brake pedal. Earlier this meant locking wheels and slipping without control, but ABS helps in maintaining steering control by preventing skidding. Anti-lock braking system consists of the wheel speed sensors which determine if one or more wheels are trying to lock up when the brake is applied. ABS is one of the Top 5 car safety features because it helps to decrease braking distance while still improving steering control.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)Top 5 Car Safety Measures

Electronic Stability Control is a computerized technology which is now available in many new cars. ESC uses automatic braking of individual wheels. this helps wheels to prevent the heading from changing too quickly or not so quickly. Stability program is available under many names like Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Electronic Stability Program (ESP), and Vehicle Stability Enhancement (VSE). It helps drivers to maintain control of their vehicle even when it exceeds the limits of road traction.

Dual-Stage Airbags

Dual-stage Airbags are a safety device which inflates much like a balloon in case of a crash and offer effective cushioning to the chest and head of the occupants. This increases the chances of their survival under extreme collisions. Top 5 Car Safety Measures

‘Dual Stage’ means that the bag inflates at two possible rates depending on the severity of the impact. In a more severe crash, both stages will ignite simultaneously to provide the quickest and greatest protection.
In a less severe crash, one stage will ignite first, then the second stage will ignite a split second later.

Reverse Parking Camera and Sensors

If you have a reverse parking camera and sensor, you need not turn around like an owl to see for any obstacle you might be crushing while parking. Reverse parking camera and sensors are the devices designed for road vehicles to alert their drivers about obstacles while reversing.

Ultrasonic technology is used to measure the distance between the vehicles to the object. If the distance is not enough, the signal is converted as an alarm to alert the driver. Real-time feedback is provided when sensors detect objects while the vehicle is in motion.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)Top 5 Car Safety Features

TPMS is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tires. It shows real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle via simple low-pressure warning light.

With the help of TPMS, one can avoid traffic accidents and increased tire wear due to under-inflated tires through an early reminder of a hazardous state of the tires.