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Best Technology Trends of 2018 : Some Cool Gadgets and Concepts

technology trends of 2018

Wouldn’t it be fun to go over some technology trends of 2018 and predictions that are going to happen? In this year, we have got ten different things to go, let us see what they are-

Self-driving cars, there was a lot of attention with self-driving cars in 2017, Uber and Google are been doing it for a while but 2018 is going to be the year where we might start to see, maybe at least till the end of the year actually get put into real service. Well, it is not that sure to be so quick where it will be completely autonomous but there will be the case initially it will be in closed and confined environments like college campuses, likewise.

The next trend, which we are going to see a lot more, is BLockchain and Cryptocurrencies. By the end of 2017, we have been seen a ton of buzz about Bitcoin whether it’s in a bubble but it has gotten a crap ton of attention and we can’t deny that. All the new technologies with other coins coming out, there’s going to be a lot of new and major companies that are going to get in on the game. There will be a lot of exploratory technology as people will do a lot of experimentation. It’s going to be very exciting to see what kind of blockchain uses we come up with in 2018 and maybe even cryptocurrencies starting to be used in real life.

The third prediction is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, going to be making a lot more progress than they have already. There is indeed a lot of buzz about AI this year but it still ambiguous especially with the YouTube algorithm using machine learning to figure out what’s ad friendly. Major companies have been using self-driving cars with AI which has gotten better but still not great. It’s still in infancy but over the course of the time, it’s going to get a lot better and we might even see it, not necessarily in the foreground where everyone knows they are using AI.

The fourth prediction will be like we are going to get a lot more smart home devices, even if it’s completely unnecessary stuff that companies are trying to push for it. We have seen a lot of virtual assistants with Google home, Amazon echo, all the major companies are coming out and especially with the Bluetooth 5, an upgraded protocol where it’s not just going to be one-to-one connections, will be very clunky and used mainly for smart devices that can receive information without connecting directly using local GPS assuming that it does get more adopted. Bluetooth usually is introduced every year with a new version so it might take a year to before people actually start to use it.

The fifth prediction, which will be Cybersecurity, potentially the removal of passwords and some other type of paradigm introduced because last year we saw a ton of hackings, the Equifax breach was a total disaster. People also started realizing their data is probably not as safe as they think it is. You put something online; there is a pretty good chance it might get hacked one day. So, especially the big companies are going to be pushing for not just passwords being used with maybe some kind of biometric security. Probably a two-factor authentication is going to make a big move in 2018.

Sixth prediction, 5G, is basically a lot faster cellular connection that will allow cell phones to use more frequently, in smaller devices like items around your home. The maximum increased the bandwidth of the cellular connections capable on 5G so that it won’t be so crowded and there is no need to get connected to Wi-Fi anymore, maybe it will have its own internet connection. 5G spec was just recently finalized so while it might not be implemented now but maybe in the coming years in 2019.

Seventh prediction, High Refresh Rate Phone Screens, as in the past years there were OLED and big screen to body ratios but this year it will be High Refresh Rate, natural next upgrade. We have already got HDR or high-resolution screens but refresh rate is something that is an easy upgrade logically where consumers will immediately see an improvement. Apple already put a 120 Hertz of refresh rate screen into the iPad pro.

The eighth prediction is that we will be having an In-screen fingerprint sensor, there were rumours that Apple was trying to do this, putting both touch ID and face ID in the iPhone X but they weren’t able to figure this out.

So these are some of the technology trends of 2018. Do write to us if you have any such new technology trends of 2018 in mind.


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