Technology is a marvel, and so is the human brain. You watch a sci-fi film and eventually end up finding it as a visual projection of the future technology. Among all the remarkable feats made by science and technology, ones in the field of human understanding are incredible, and undoubtedly are the base to our tech-advanced world we call as the “21st century” today.

Future First: Brain Modems by PopSci

In an interesting move, Popular Science and XPRIZE are teaming up to explore and explain such technologies in a video series called Future First.

The Future First features its episode 2 titled as “Brain Modems.” In the episode, we take a look at how a brain modem, a device that will record, upload, and share thoughts between humans, can lead to greater learning and understanding within our species.

It won’t be any harmful to assume that this technology might give a completely new shape to our understanding of humanity and the universe .

You may expect results as much weird and horrible as plausible they might get.