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Top 5 Lightweight Laptops in India in 2019

Lightweight Laptops in India
Five Lightweight Laptops in India

List of 5 Best Lightweight Laptops In India (2019)

The very best ultrabooks available this year, that you can get with the pricing of course, on a bit higher side but worthy and on general availability. There are a few top 5 Lightweight Laptops in India ones which will be liked by everyone.

* Microsoft Surface Laptop

Weight: 1.25Kg

Lightweight Laptops in India
Microsoft Surface Laptop

Coming in the fifth place is the Microsoft Surface Laptop which is a full-on traditional laptop designed by Microsoft. The Italian imported fabric decorating the keyboard to the gorgeous 13.5 inches and 3.2

PixelSense display, there is a lot to like about the surface laptop in terms of design and aesthetics. When you spend a little bit more time with this machine, you will find a computer that is actually a lot more competent than Apple’s more expensive 12-inch MacBook.

You will get a minimum of an Intel Core i5 processor, 4-gigabytes of RAM, Intel HD graphics 620 and a 128-gigabytes SSD. The only complaint about this surface laptop is the fact that it Windows 10S which definitely limits the number of things that you can actually do on this machine.

* Asus Zenbook 3

Weight: 1.2Kg

Lightweight Laptops in India

Now coming to a fourth place we have Asus Zenbook 3 which is another computer that is going to make you think of 12-inch MacBook. One of the thinnest and lightest laptop out there, it actually packs a pretty decent punch wherein you will get an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, 16-gigabytes of RAM and 512-gigabytes of storage.

The screen looks very nice with a 12.5 inch full HD display. There are just a couple of trade-offs that you are going to be getting with this laptop versus the keyboard. Asus is trying to imitate what Apple did with the butterfly mechanism for the keys but they definitely didn’t quite succeed and the keyboard has just as the effective feeling kind of machine but with a fingerprint scanner for this laptop is actually in the top right corner of the trackpad.

Overall though if you are in the market for a laptop as thin and as light, you will be ok with some trade-offs that are honestly not that bad.

*LG Gram Laptops

Weight: 0.95-1.08kg

LG Gram Laptop

LG Gram series is known for manufacturing lightweight laptops with great battery life. This makes LG Gram LG Gram 15(2.4pounds) and Gram 13(2.1 Pounds) a part of Lightweight laptops in India 2019.

Both the laptops are powered by 8th creation Intel Core i7 and Core i5 chips and will have SSD storage using an optional secondary SSD storage slot machine. Being an ultra-portable laptop, it has the best battery life when compared to many laptops.

*HP Spectre 13

Weight: 1.1Kg

Lightweight Laptops in India

The second place is to give to the HP Spectre 13 is the runner-up pick and just an amazing overall computer. It is among the first to support the seventh generation KB Lake processors but its way more than just a CPU upgrade, it’s thinner and lighter than it was before and is actually even more stylish and was already one of the best-looking computers on the market.

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It is only 13.8mm thin and it only weighs about 2.4 pounds, so it is a whole lot more comfortable use in tablet mode version. To accommodate the new thinner shape HP changed up the hinged mechanism and they have also reduced the keyboard travel but still just comfortable to use than before. Another thing, especially in comparison to the Lenovo Yoga 910, is the fact that this actually gets really good battery life of about 10-hours on an average charge.

If you are looking for an all run excellent hybrid laptop and one that can actually be scaled up to an Ultra HD display, the HP Spectre X360 is definitely the choice for you.

*Dell XPS 13

Weight: 1.18kg

Lightweight Laptops in India

And the very best ultrabook of 2019, coming at the first place is the Dell XPS 13, the latest update of this new laptop even better than before with a new stunning 4k ultra HD display option and also a beautiful new color option called rose gold on outline white.

For its baseline price of $999, you are getting an Intel Core i5 eighth-generation processor, 4-gigabytes of RAM and 128-gigabytes of SSD but you can scale this up to an i7 processor, or up to 16-gigabytes of RAM, or you can scale up to beautiful qhd+ 3200 by 1800 touchscreen, or you can also get it up to 1-terabyte SSD in size.

There is nothing to dislike about this laptop only for my biggest complaint is probably the webcam is under the screen rather than above it but that is such a small complaint, barely even worth noting. You will also get a decent battery life even with that qhd+ screen which is always appreciable in an ultrabook.

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