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Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse In 2018

FPS Gaming Mouse

Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse: High-Performance Gaming Mouse With A Comfortable Design

Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse: FPS games arguably benefit the most from specialized gaming mice. Shooters depend almost entirely on your reaction time and precision when shooting, so it’s extremely important to use a mouse that matches your motion exactly. The worst feeling in the world is whiffing an easy headshot simply because your mouse isn’t tracking properly. Let us take a peek at a few of the highest FPS gaming mice in the marketplace nowadays.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Right-handed gamers will appreciate the customizability, high performance, and comfort of the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, and its matte finish, 11 programmable buttons, and higher dpi give it a slight edge over the similarly priced Corsair M65 RGB. But with snazzier lighting, adjustable click feedback, and wireless operability, the Razer Mamba remains our top pick, though the Proteus Spectrum is a worthy and affordable alternative.

Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse


  • Surface Tuning
  • 11 Program Buttons
  • On-The-Fly DPI (200-12,000)
  • Improved Dual-Mode
  • Fast Scroll Wheel

Mionix Castor

If actually employing the mouse would be a indication of if I enjoy it or not, I shall let you in on a key. This is the mouse in my desk at this time. The clasp is eloquent, the detector perfect, the rubberized side grips larger than other manufacturers, along with the Teflon feet are somewhat wider and much more conspicuous than other choices I have used. All this coupled with Mionix’s lighting alternatives, lightweight framework and layout at about 96 g, and caliber only won me over.

Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse


  • 5 Stored Profiles
  • 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Color LED Options
  • Lift-Off Calibration
  • 6 Program Buttons

Ben Q Zowie FK Two

The FK2 and FK1 are a few of the greater competitive FPS mice out there. For weight, the FK2 comes in at approximately 84 g whereas the FK2 comes in at 94 g. Both utilize the Avago PMW-3310 that’s almost perfect concerning its control, rate, and lift space. The DPI controller is from 400-3200, more than sufficient for many.

The Zowie FK2 is excellent for anyone who have little to medium-sized palms and deserves its place on this list due to its low lift-off space, absence of immersion, and very low weight at 85 g. The FK1 is almost equal but slightly bigger and comes in at 90 g.

Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse


  • Ambidextrous
  • 400-3200 DPI
  • Adjustable USB Report
  • Lift-Off Distance = 1.5 ~ 1.8mm
  • Avago 3310 Optical

Corsair M65

Another top mouse that this season is that the Corsair M65. It utilizes a perfect 12,000 DPI detector at the Pixart PMW 3360 and comes at a little heftier at approximately 115 grams. I added it with this list not just because our readers appear to enjoy it, but since it fills a favorite market within the business. A heavier mouse which may be used to get a claw grip.

It is shorter than many mice that is both a good and a bad thing. Bad for People Who like the feel of this G403 along with the DeathAdder. Great for those searching for this specific form. As I mentioned previously this mouse is somewhat heavier at approximately 115 grams. Additionally, it contains weights which may take this up to 135.5 g. While I would consider this to be too thick for me, I really don’t mind the customization.

Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse


  • 12,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • 8 Program Buttons
  • On-The-Fly DPI Adjust
  • Lift Height Adjustment

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

This mouse will last to be the number one pick for all. It is popular because of its functional shape, light weight, and detector.

Within our survey it is almost therenevertheless, it is still the best selling mouse on the market. Such as the G502, the DeathAdder includes a nearly perfect detector. For your Chroma and Crucial, you receive the Avago ADNS-3988 and for the newer Elite alternative, the Pixart PMW3389. As somebody who plays about 2,000 DPI I can not tell a lot of gap between both.


  • Rubber Side Grips
  • 10,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Chroma Lighting
  • 5 Program Buttons
  • On-The-Fly Adjust

You don’t have to know what ‘DPI’ means (it’s dots per inch, by the way), but it does come in handy to know the value of 12,000 versus 16,000 of them. It also doesn’t hurt to know that a higher polling rate gives you better response times and, therefore, lower latency.

So, these are the Top 5 FPS Gaming Mouse.

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