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The Sarahah App Is Secretly Uploading Your Contacts

The Sarahah app

The Sarahah app is secretly uploading users private information for a planned ‘find your friends’ feature

The Sarahah app, where you can send or receive anonymous messages, is not as anonymous as it appears. It has been found that the makers of this ‘viral honesty app’ are uploading the user’s phone contacts on to the company’s servers

A senior security analyst Zachary Julian who works for IT security consulting firm Bishop Fox was the first to discover about this news. The Sarahah app has been uploading private information, using a monitoring software called BURP Suite.

The Sarahah app

“As soon as you log into the application, it transmits all of your email and phone contacts stored on the Android operating system,” a report in The Intercept on Sunday quoted Julian as saying.

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Though the app asks for user’s permission to access contacts, there is no such feature in the app where these contacts would be required or even a search feature where users can look up for a friend using a contact number.

However, Sarahah’s founder Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq said contact lists were being uploaded “for a planned ‘find your friends’ feature” that was not yet released.

The Sarahah app

In a tweet, Tawfiq wrote that the data request will be removed on next update.

It often seems suspicious if users do not get anything out of granting access to apps to their contact lists.

For example, earlier in 2017, the newsletter unsubscription service Unroll.me drew a lot of criticism following allegations that it sold user data to cab-hailing service Uber.

Founder of the Saraha app, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq might land himself in trouble if he continues data requests for the next update.

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