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How has technology changed the way we live?

Technology Changed

Technology changed our lifestyle.

Let’s see how has technology changed our life. In recent years, technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. In the current scenario, we can’t imagine a life without technological gadgets such as mobile phones, refrigerators, microwaves or be it the general computer system.

The modern evaluation of internet society and culture has changed how humans interact with each other and how they connect within themselves. The use of mail cards and letters to the entire postal services, newspapers, telephone books have plummeted after the introduction of technology in that field. The people now can, for example, diagnose their own medical issues or take general legal advice.

Technology Changed

Wi-fi has become an important technological advancement in the general works of society. It has changed the public transportation and increases its efficiency.

On the other hand, robotics has changed the workplace day to day tasks easier. Online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal have changed and reduced the shopping effort. Even payment apps such as Paytm and Rupay have helped transform our economy in the direction of a cashless economy.

The foundation of privacy and personal data has been changed entirely by social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to name a few. People now sleep less and spend less time together by socializing and communicating using apps such as Hike and What’s App.

Computers, the front runner of technology that was introduced three decades ago even now stands as the pillar of technology advancement all over the globe. From NASA to ISRO – all major corporations use supercomputers for research purposes.

technology changed

So, we can say that technology over the past few years has changed the way we live. Currently, almost more than half of the globe is connected to the internet, more than 40% of this population is active on all social media platforms which describe’s the necessity of a strong and stable network connection.

It’s hard to imagine living today’s life without the technological advancement and evolutionary products that we have invented over time.

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