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Snakebyte PS4 Controller Launched In India At Rs 2,990

Snakebyte PS4 Controller

Snakebyte PS4 Controller: This is the cheapest PS4 controller

Snakebyte PS4 Controller: Peripherals company Snakebyte has launched the Snakebyte Game:Pad 4 S for PlayStation 4. At a price of Rs. 2,990 (MRP) it’s the cheapest PS4 controller available. More so once you consider its Rs. 2,490 price tag on Amazon India at this time.

Snakebyte PS4 Controller

And while there is a broader selection of colors and alternatives to pick from, it is not just as cheap in comparison to Snakebyte’s offering.

Remember that using a minimal cost comes some trade-offs. The most crucial of which is that the shortage of wireless operation. Therefore, if you are the type who prefers the liberty given by wireless controls, you will not discover this with all the Snakebyte Game:Pad 4 S. It is a wired controller which has a 3 metre (9.8 ft) cable, that ought to be sufficient for many. There are 3 colors to pick from – white, black, and camouflage blue although the 3.5millimeter headphone jack appears to be absent.

Snakebyte PS4 Controller

Snakebyte asserts the Sport:Pad 4 S boats with most of the things you would expect from a PS4 controller. You will find dual vibration motors to boost haptic feedback, analog joysticks and causes for precise controls, clickable touchpads, not to mention the Share button to allow you to upload your favorite gaming minutes. This stacks around the DualShock 4 in terms of build quality will probably be intriguing, more so once you believe the PS4’s prevalence in India guarantees demand for more affordable PS4 controllers.

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