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Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind: That You Absolutely Do Not Need

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind

Here are 10 examples of most pathetic gadgets by mankind that you absolutely do not need to spend money to acquire.

 We repeat: do not buy these gadgets. You are fine as you are. You will get them home and unpack them and cry.
10. Sony Tennis Sensor

Sony’s new gadget promises to monitor your backhand and tell you if you’re playing well. You do not need this because tennis has a built-in “am I playing well?” monitor. It’s called the score.

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind 9. Goji Smart Lock

The Goji Smart Lock takes a photo of visitors at your front door so you can see who is there. You do not need this, because all doors also have the ability to open, thus providing visual access to the person beyond without using electricity.Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind8. Withings Aura Active Sleep

This gadget promises a “next generation” of sleep thanks to its lights, and alarms, and doodads. Oh and an app. You do not need this, you need a better mattress, ear plugs and a cup of hot cocoa.

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7. Flexible TVs

Samsung and LGs new TVs are bendy. You do not need this, because your wall is not bendy and your eyes are not bendy and a distorted, warped image is not more immersive, whatever electrical megacorp executives and Hollywood directors inexpertly claim.

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind6. Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

This panoramic camera is made up of 36 individual cameras that take a photo when you throw the ball in the air. You do not need this, because no one alive is interesting, beautiful or vain enough to have need of 36 simultaneously generated selfies.

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind5. Parrot Jumping SumoBot

This little camera-equipped drone is able to drive about and jump up to 30 inches into the air. You do not need this, because there is nothing 30 inches above the floor you cannot already see.

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind4. Bluetooth Toothbrush

This Bluetooth toothbrush sends you data about how well you’re brushing so you can improve your dental hygiene. You do not need this, because floss.

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind3. Digital ‘Mother’

This statue monitors different objects in your house and tells you how much they’re moving around. You do not need this, because you do not have a poltergeist and ghosts do not exist, and it’s terrifying.

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind2. Corvette ‘Video Game’ Car

This car records your driving exploits and spits out video that looks like it’s a console driving game. You do not need this because no one wants to watch your footage of Grand Theft Supermarket Car Parking

Most Pathetic Gadgets By Mankind1. Plant Maintenance Sensor

This device tells you when your plants are dying. You do not need this, because your plants can tell you they’re dying, because you can look at them and see if they are dying because they are plants.So these are the most pathetic gadgets by mankind.

Most Pathetic Gadgets By MankindIf you still want to buy them, dont tell us that we didn’t warn you.



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