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Let Technology Take Care Of Your Health: GOQii Fitness Tracker

GOQii Fitness Tracker

GOQii Fitness Tracker with best features that you always wanted

GOQii Fitness Tracker: Fitness-centric wearable producer GOQii introduced a brand new variant of its GOQii 2.0 fitness tracker along with its new medical care agency in India in January this year. Now the firm introduced its brand new GOQii 3.0 fitness tracker using enhanced features. The brand’s new physical fitness band includes a better detector and a multi-touch color screen.

GOQii Fitness Tracker

The brand new wearable sports a multi-color screen. The new GOQii physical fitness tracker is going to be released in January 2018, and its pricing is going to be shown at that moment.

In terms of the new family programs, Vishal Gondal, Founder & CEO, GOQii stated, “As our stage expands we’re attempting to satisfy the medical care demands of a whole family instead of just a person. There are lots of active players that have already registered their own families on the stage for more than two decades. According to this learning and adventures, we were motivated to present household care plans. We discovered that families that adopt healthy lifestyle jointly create stronger family bonds and therefore are more likely to achieve their wellness objectives.”

GOQii Fitness Tracker

GOQii includes a brand new Rs 1,999 program for as many as two household members, that includes a validity of 3 months. The 3 relative healthcare program was priced at Rs 3,499 and features a length of half a year. The Rs 4,999 program ensures up to four household members and contains the length of annually. The family plans join, tracks and deals with your household members’ wellbeing with consultations from the new care staff comprising GOQii Coach, GOQii Physicians, and GOQii health specialists.