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Google Glass returns As Aid To Autistic Kids

Google Glass

Google Glass returns from the dead as tool to help kids with autism

Those who declared Google Glass a failure perhaps spoke too soon as it is now resurfacing as a tool to help children with autism improve their social skills. A system has been developed by A Cambridge firm such as the newly released Glass Enterprise Edition, for pneumonia which runs on Google Glass. Brain Power, the programmer of neuroscience-based augmented reality, launched the “Permit Me” system earlier this month.

Google Glass

The Empower Me system is a coach that runs to empower adults and children to teach themselves abilities. The company said it is using the Google Glass platform because phones or tablets need looking down. Nevertheless, the platforms help people keep heads-up and hands-free through social interactions.

Google Glass

“Empowering people is my passion,” Brain Power CEO, Ned Sahin, said in a statement. Autism spectrum disorder is characterized by impaired social interaction, communication, and sensitivities.

The machine features a suite of programs. One app, Emotion Charades, educates the consumer to recognize emotions, and comprehend them, which can be common challenges for those on the spectrum. Users see emojis and seem through the screen on their smart glasses. They select which one they think matches the expression using a mind tip that is subtle or a command. A software finds feelings and voice commands using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and also the head tilts through accelerometer data.

Google Glass

This system helps kids learn how to better their ability to decode and comprehend the emotions of therapists the parents, siblings, or friends. Besides aiding understanding, Empower Me features apps designed to target focus on social cues.

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