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FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks: Be At The Top

FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks

FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks

FIFA 18 is here and you know the drill by now, every year EA Sports will tinker with the gameplay but try to avoid any fundamental changes, which means that if you’re a legendary talent you probably won’t need to relearn everything for the new season. But you might well need to work out what changes might give you a bit of an advantage across FUT and good old online head-to-head matches. So listing down some important FIFA 18 tips and tricks to set you apart from others.

  • Keep the Ball Moving – When playing FIFA 18, especially against AI opponents, you should always try to keep the ball moving. Pass, pass, pass, even if you don’t really have an idea in mind. Passing the ball back or to the side is much better than dallying on the ball and losing possession. The more you pass, the greater chance you have of creating some space for an attack.

FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks

  • Sprinting is Dangerous – There is a time and a place for sprinting in FIFA 18. If you’re desperately trying to catch an attacker or there is plenty of space to run into, go for it. Sprint away. However, generally sprinting will see you lose control of the ball and you’ll become an easy target for defenders. Never sprint in a crowded area as you’ll knock the ball ahead and a defender will easily be able to dispossess you.

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FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t Rush Your Attack – While it’s tempting to try and break quickly by passing the ball quickly up the pitch, this doesn’t always work as you’ll find your striker received the ball in midfield without any support. If most of your team is back defending when you get possession, pass the ball around a bit before heading to far foward to make sure attackers have support around them.

FIFA 18 Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t Wildly Press Tackle – Although this might sound obvious, it’s tempting to repeatedly press the tackle button when you’re trying to win back possession. We’ve got more details in our guide on how to tackle in FIFA 18, but the simple version is that if you miss a tackle your defender is out of the game for second, leaving the attacker to run through. Positioning yourself in front of the attacker’s path is a good, safe tactic.

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