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Apple Pencil Stylus | Writing In Mid Air Soon To Be A Reality

apple pencil stylus

Apple Pencil Stylus Could Let You Draw in Mid Air

Apple has documented a patent for what may be the following cycle of apple pencil stylus, which the organization portrays as an input device that doesn’t have to make contact with a touchscreen, or any surface so far as that is concerned.

So yes, if this happens as expected, you could be utilizing an Apple pencil stylus to write, outline and annotate in mid-air. The thought is to utilize orientation and motion sensors to track the path of the stylus as you draw, so there’s no requirement for a solid surface.

apple pencil stylusThat could make it simple to not just scribble on slides and jot down notes, yet additionally enables user to draw objects in 3D.

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It’ll be fascinating to perceive what Apple does with this idea. At present, its Pencil just works with the iPad Pro; a stylus that works without a surface could unquestionably prove to be useful for creative people using the company’s Macbooks and ultra-powerful desktops

With images coming courtesy of World Intellectual Property Organization, we get a brief feel for Apple’s impending product, which could prove to be a game-changer if carried out.

The device appears to utilize “a motion and orientation sensor, a camera, or an electromagnetic- or sound-based triangulation scheme” to track movement.

Still, there is much to be explained surrounding Apple’s recently-uncovered patent, but if it is in fact an “air pencil,” look out.

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