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Apple Launched Heart Study App To Detect Irregular Heart Rhythms

Apple Launched Heart Study App

Apple Launched Heart Study App: Now you can track your Heart Rhythms

Apple Launched Heart Study App: Apple has launched an app to collect data from Apple Watch users in order to detect and notify them when they experience irregular heart rhythms, like atrial fibrillation a leading cause of strokes. The app, called “Apple Heart Study”, will be using Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor.

Apple Launched Heart Study App

The first Apple Heart Study was launched today in the US, and every Apple Watch owner over the age of 22 can and should enroll as soon as possible. All Watch models are supported, including Series 1 models. This is hardly the first health study Apple initiated in recent years, but it’s definitely one of the most ambitious ones.

Apple Launched Heart Study App

What the Apple Heart Study app does is use the Watch’s heart sensor to detect irregular heart rhythms, and then notify users who are experiencing atrial fibrillation (AFib).

Atrial fibrillation or AFib is the chief cause of stroke, also accountable for several 130,000 U.S. deaths each year, Apple states. And because a lot of people don’t experience symptoms, AFib frequently goes unnoticed. A player in the analysis merely must download the program and then wear the opinion.

Apple Launched Heart Study App

How Apple describes it, a detector within the watch utilizes green LED lights flashing countless times per minute and light-sensitive photodiodes to detect the exact quantity of blood flowing throughout the wrist. The detector comes with an optical layout that collects signals from four different points on the wrist.

The analysis is available to U.S. participants 22 decades old or older. You should have an Apple Watch (Series 1 version or afterward) and also an iPhone (version 5s or afterward). You also have to affirm that you don’t have AFib or an atrial flutter. Taking anticoagulant drugs can also be a disqualifier.

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