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5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger | You Didn’t Know | You Could Do

5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger

5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger things you didn’t know you could do

Over the years Facebook messenger has quietly evolved from a simple private messaging system into a loaded chat platform filled with features you might not even know exist here are top 5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger.

Security: Every day we read about some new password breach ransomware attack, unfortunately messenger offers an extra layer of security for conversations you feel require it secret messages or so they’re called are into end encrypted any or all of your mobile devices at the same time to start such a conversation, tap the new message icon in the top right corner then tap secret on IOS or the toggle on Android in secret conversations you can set a time for messages after the allotted time has elapsed the messages will disappear.

5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger

Payments with Messengers: You can use Messenger to send and receive money similar to PayPal or venom messenger payments require a debit card on both ends of the transaction but there’s no cost to use the service which also offers a pin protection and industry-leading security according to Facebook. You can use this to split a check or pay for something you found on facebook marketplace while in a conversation tap the plus sign select pay or request enter a dollar value and tap either request or pay for your card information. If you haven’t already then confirm the transaction with your fingerprint or a four-digit pin code.

5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger

Play Games: The coolest feature I just discovered on Messenger is instant games. It’s unclear how you access this, but if you type in “Space Invaders” or “Pac-Man” into the search bar, you can play these games! The instant games feature was announced in November of 2016 and while there are only a few options available, I’d love to see more games added. So if Messenger isn’t exactly your cup of tea and you prefer Instagram or Snapchat, you might as well still download it to play Space Invaders!

5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger

Group Chat: If you’ve ever tried to do a group chat in a text messaging you know it can pretty messy especially. If you have a mixture of Android and IOS users Messenger makes it easy to chat with a group just create a new message then enter the names of all of the participants once you’ve sent. When to send the first message you can open the settings of the group, you can also change the conversation name, the color of the chat inbox, to send files, to create a permanent group schedule. You will also mute the conversation if the notification comes overwhelmingly.

5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger

BOTS: Who wants to chat with people when you can chat with bots? Since April, Facebook has let outside businesses create “chat bots” that can send you the news or weather, help you shop for shoes or book plane tickets and hotel rooms. You send a message to a brand’s bot just as you would a friend; the difference is that the reply is automated through software. The results can be clumsy, as expected for such a new venture.

5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger

But bots can be helpful. Expedia, for example, lets you search for hotels and book them by messaging with its bot. Start by telling the bot where you are going and when. After some back and forth, the bot will give you hotel options. To book, the bot will take you to Expedia’s website.

So these are the 5 Cool Things on Facebook Messenger. You will also use Messanger on Laptop and Desktop. Just Click on this link to use Messanger

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