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Samsung 360 Round Camera | 4K 360 Camera |

Samsung 360 Round Camera

Samsung 360 Round Camera – A High-Quality Camera for Creating & Livestreaming 3D Content for Virtual Reality

Samsung 360 Round Camera: One of the latest hardware news that we have just recently heard from the Samsung Developer Conference in San Fransisco is the Samsung 360 Round. A professional camera for creating and live-streaming 4k 3d content with its integrated one body design, the 360 rounds lenses are positioned like human eyes. The six built-in microphones allow spatial audio playback recording on the 360 round begins with a simple press of a button. Real-time monitoring and control can be done on a PC or smartphone while the 4k 3d videos can also be streamed live.

Samsung 360 Round CameraSamsung 360 Round Camera Design

It’s a 360-degree camera with a total of 17 lenses, 16 around the edges of the disc and 1 is on top. The camera itself stitches the video material from all the 2-megapixel sensors together which result in a video with 4096 by 2048 pixels either in 2D or 3D, the video can be saved locally or it can be streamed for local saving. There is an SD card slot or you can also connect an SSD to it. The camera itself is quite heavy; it weighs on close to 2 kilograms and it is certified ip65 so you can also use it in a light rain outside.

Samsung 360 Round CameraWith ip65 support, the Samsung 360 Round Camera allows optimal filming even in the most challenging environments. The external battery SSD and memory card help generate professional content. This is pretty exciting about Samsung entering early making a professional-grade camera like this and hopefully this will be able to help in future to realize some video projects with it that brings you some 3-D content, watching it with VR glasses the material is definitely a lot better than everything you see from something like the gear-360 or the other consumer cameras that capture 360 video footage.

Video recording couldn’t be easier, the position of the tripod on the flat surface, level the camera, insert the SD memory card and plug in the power cable. With the waterproof adapter, press the power button located at the bottom then press the record button. The camera will automatically begin analyzing the current scene while recording and set the camera to the optimum value. The 360-degree round can be controlled remotely at any time so long as the camera is connected to the stitching PC via the LAN cable. You can check the stitch preview with minimal latency.

Samsung 360 Round CameraFeel free to select between 2d and 3d video modes and save the stitched video or RAW format of video files directly on the PC. For an even more elaborate and sophisticated video recording use the control panel for other functions such as seam line adjustment, chain centre camera, manual calibration, spot metering and SPI output to process production tasks more efficiently and conveniently. You can turn the 360 round on and off.

Samsung 360 Round CameraIf the 360 round is connected to WiFi, 360 round mobile app enables real-time monitoring and simple remote control with a smartphone. Original files saved on the SD card can easily be imported and exported using the 360 round viewer software. You can quickly export files as a stitched video file or as 17 independent video files, the viewing mode can also be changed in various ways. One of the most powerful features is 360-degree live-streaming. With a simple click, you can broadcast 360 4k and 3d videos on Samsung VR in real time and simultaneously save the files on to your PC. The live-stream video broadcast can be viewed in real time via PC or smartphone. With gear VR you can watch immersive live streaming.

The 360 round is water and dust resistant making it an ideal choice for the most challenging environments to capture the content. Additionally, if you are unable to locate a power supply use the general purpose external battery. For long-term data storage connect the mass storage of the SSD to the USB 3.1 type C port.

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