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IRIS Vision – Eye Vision Technology by Samsung

IRIS Vision

IRIS Vision includes a Samsung Gear VR headset and a Galaxy S7 or S8 smartphone customized with the software

IRIS Vision: VR Headsets are the latest technological advancements that can help people to restore their reading habit though not completely but quite effectively.

This virtual reality headset is a recent innovative technology that has restored sight to people who are legally blind. Millions of individuals suffer from vision-loss conditions, today. While it didn’t eliminate the root cause of their blindness, this technical device let people resume their activities like reading and gardening – tasks they previously found impossible due to severe Macular Degeneration.

IRIS Vision

Macular degeneration is a common age-related condition mainly affects people around the US and the UK. Damage to blood vessels causes the central part of the eye to degrade, which leaves people with a blind spot in the center of their vision making those with the conditions legally blind.

Now, there is a new technological solution to help improve the vision that is developed in collaboration with Samsung. The new system, Iris Vision, uses VR to make the most peripheral vision. The user puts on the VR headsets that hold a Samsung Galaxy phone.

It records the person’s surrounding and displays them in real time, but the user can magnify the image as many times as they need for their peripheral vision to become clear. This also helps to reduce or eliminate their blind spot quite effectively.

With Iris Vision, the magnification causes the blind spot to be relatively much smaller so that it no longer covers the image the person is seeing. The software also focuses on what the person is looking at, enabling them to go from reading a book on their lap to look at a distance without adjusting the magnification or manual zooming.

The baseline rate of vision in the individuals came at 20/400, which is legally blind, and with the use of this technology, it is improved to 20/30, whoa, very close to perfect eyesight. The headsets being are now being used at 80 ophthalmology centers, around the US, the next step is to adopt the software for other vision disorders.

The system includes a Samsung Gear VR headset and a Galaxy S7 or S8 smartphone customized with the software. Previously, Samsung has used the headset to help treat people with chronic pain using virtual reality experiences. Maybe down the road, we have to create a VR pharmacy, based on different content for different people with different conditions.

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