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Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones Launched at $159

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones will go on sale from November

Google Together with the Pixel Two, Pixel Two XL smartphones, in Addition to the Google Pixelbook Notebook, Started the Pixel Buds in San Francisco at its media event. The AirPods, which at present lead the market in earphones in the US of Apple will be taken on by the Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones

Google Assistant, the helper powers the Google Pixel Buds from the Organization. This will permit users to inquire the Google Pixel Buds any query via voice command and have them answered without typing a word. Similarly, you may even request the Google Pixel Buds to play with a track.

Google Pixel Buds do not have some buttons, but they encourage gestures for control and interface. An individual touch and hold the right earbud to phone up the Assistant; may swipe forward or backward on both of the Pixel Buds to control the volume; tap on both of the buds to play or pause the music they’re listening to, in addition to tap and state ‘next’ or ‘previous’ to alter tracks from the playlist. The earphones also support the AAC codec. The mic is on the right only begins when the user taps on the earbud and earbud for beamforming. For an ‘immediate connection’, the earphones buffer audio revealed.

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones

That the Pixel Buds are not truly wireless, as they do feature a cord between the 2 earbuds as you can see. Google revealed the reason with Gadgets 360. 1 use would be to help prevent the loss of a single earbud which the Apple AirPods evoke.

What also separates the Google Pixel Buds from the Apple AirPods is your translation. All you have to do is hold back on the ideal earbud and say, ‘Allow me to speak Italian.’ As you talk, your Pixel phone’s speaker will perform the translation out. When the waiter responds in Italian, you’ll hear the translation through your Pixel Buds.”

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones

We get a snippet from the consumer, we receive one from the individual and we must know where to route it. Even coming down to the titles of exactly what those are called from the routing, inside the phone, matters. So, being able to do the QA and bespoke option of ‘play out this audio this station’, and if this phone or iPhone has a different means of describing it, which way could alter over device updates or could change within version in the very same SKU, cause sometimes they have different chipsets and the consumer doesn’t understand that; it creates an experience that is up to some quality bar that we wouldn’t like.”

Google Pixel Buds come. That case will beam up to 24 hours of listening time on the Google Pixel Buds, the company claims. Much the Google Pixel Buds and supported devices will join Easily.

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones


The Google Pixel Buds Wireless Earphones are priced at $159 (roughly Rs. 10,400) and will be available for pre-orders in the United States starting today. There’s no word on India availability just yet. The Google Pixel Buds come in Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue color variants.

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