Twitter Discontinues Mac Desktop Applications : Here’s Why

Twitter Discontinues Mac Desktop Applications : Here’s Why

Twitter Discontinues Mac Desktop

Twitter Discontinues Mac Desktop application after years of spotty support

Twitter Discontinues Mac Desktop: Twitter has announced that it is stopping support for the committed desktop Mac program and that it’s pulled it from the net and out of Apple’s App Store.

“We are focusing our efforts on a fantastic Twitter encounter that is consistent across platforms. So, starting now the Twitter to get Mac program will no more be available for downloading,” @TwitterSupport tweeted Friday.

Support for Twitter for Mac may even finish in 30 days, the website included. This means that customers might need to use the site or services like Tweetdeck or third party programs.

That is a true approximation of the majority of people’s attitude toward the applications that has never been as strong as third party customers like Tweetbot or in-house providers such as Tweetdeck, as stated by the Verge.

“Twitter failed again and again to maintain its Mac program current with all the agency’s latest features — it required the company longer than seven weeks to deliver “Moments” that launched in October of 2015, to its Mac customer,” The Verge report included.