Artificial Intelligence: Offloading tasks to dedicated chip may improve iPhone battery

Now, Apple is developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chip called the Apple Neural Engine, that is an AI-related task on mobile devices, the main use of this technology – to offload tasks like speech recognition and facial recognition on its mobile devices. The Apple Neural Engine could be included in future Apple products like self-driving cars or AI-powered glasses.

This AI chip improves the Battery Life,  the performance of Apple devices. The Apple AI chip is designed to make significant improvements to Apple’s hardware over time, and the Apple plans to eventually integrate the chip into many of its devices, the main focus is iPhone and iPad.

Artificial Intelligence


Apple’s current devices are equipped to handle Artificial Intelligence processes with two different chipsets: The main Processor or Microprocessor, and the Graphics Chipset, or GPU. The custom chipset would allow Apple to offload some processing done by the main chipset and by the GPU. The report goes on to say that Apple plans to integrate the chip into other devices, and has even tested prototypes of iPhones with the built-in chip.

Apple could discuss its AI plans during WWDC ( Worldwide Developers Conference) in June, Bloomberg said. Its competitor, Google, introduced new AI offerings in May that extend to phones, connected speakers, and cars.

The company also developing a new technology that is Wireless charging that can charge your iPhone with a Wi-Fi router.