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Smartphone Trends 2019: What More You Can Expect?

Upcoming Smartphones 2019

Trends For Upcoming Smartphones 2019: What’s Coming Next?

 In Display Fingerprint Sensor Phones
In Display Fingerprint Sensor Phones

The current year, 2018; has been a year full of notched smartphones. When it comes to smartphone innovation, technology geeks want something more fascinating. Hopefully, Smartphone trends 2019 would be much more than the notched smartphone.

Smartphone Trends That Will Go Mainstream in 2019

Foldable Phones

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Could Launch Soon
Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Could Launch Soon

Royale Corporation launched the world’s first foldable smartphone, FlexPai in November 2018. Whereas Samsung, Huawei, and other brands are still working on their foldable phone.

It is the most futuristic design trend coming soon to smartphones. Most of the Brands have officially announced their plans for a foldable smartphone. Hence, it can be anticipated that 2019 may come up with foldable phones. This will be helpful for those who carry a smartphone as well as tablets with them.

Multiple Camera Setup

How many cameras do you need to click a good photograph?
One? Two? What if you get more than that?

Having a dual camera smartphone is something not to boast about, I guess. With the Triple camera setup in Huawei’s P20 Pro, Multiple camera module is one of the Smartphone trend 2019.

Samsung is working on Galaxy S10 which is expected to have a triple camera setup. Galaxy A9(2018) is the first device to have the Quad-camera setup, Huawei started the trend of having more than two-three cameras, though. Considering the fact of increasing number of cameras, Upcoming Smartphones 2019 are expected to come up with multiple camera setup. The single and dual camera will slowly vanish from the market.

In-Display Camera Cut out

 In-Display Camera Cut out and Multiple Camera
In-Display Camera Cut out and Multiple Camera

While designing bezel-less smartphone, manufacturers may have a solution for a fingerprint sensor but a front camera definitely needs a space on the screen. To overcome this problem Samsung, Huawei came up with ‘punch-hole’ display camera cut out.

In fact, Many of us are waiting to see who launches World’s First in-display camera smartphone. Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy A8s. whereas, Huawei is planning to launch Huawei Nova 4 even before Samsung.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensors

In-display fingerprint sensors are not the exactly new trend. But it is not a mainstream yet. Most of these sensors are used in Vivo smartphones. Recently Oppo and Xiaomi joined Vivo in this trend with their Find X and Mi 8 edition respectively.

However, the regular fingerprint scanners work fine. But in-display fingerprint scanner enables more space on the phone for users. The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Lenovo Z5 Pro will both feature an in-display fingerprint reader, as per the reports.

Which One of these You are waiting for? Or Is there anything more exciting you are expecting in Upcoming smartphones 2019?

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