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CINERA The World First Immersive VR With The big Screen

VR With The big screen

VR With The big screen launched by Kickstar and its called CINERA

VR With The big screen: VR is the new tech even Dell all are moving into that space and that everybody is trying to get into these times Facebook, Microsoft. So far they’re mostly focused on interactive and gambling experiences, with a few forays to video content.

VR With The big screen

Cinera, currently raising money wants to use your home entertainment system to accelerate, bringing the experience of a movie theater into the comfort of your own sofa. Before so a lot of Cinera’s attributes are revolutionary, we have not seen a focus on theater.

VR With The big screen

There are a whole lot of fancy stats and numbers which make Cinera a special encounter (you can test them all out on the Kickstarter web page), but the main of which is that the dual display. Instead of dividing one screen across the headset, each eye has its own screen, which allows for a completely immersive.

VR With The big screen

A frequent criticism with VR is your headset — it places the weight of this bulky machine on your head and neck, which would definitely be exhausting to bear for the full length of a movie all. Cinera comes with a moveable arm which holds up the games for you.

VR With The big screen

You can back the Kickstarter currently off retail price if you’re looking for a new addition to your home theater system. Don’t let gamers be the only ones who receive the new technician that is cool.

VR With The big screen

Get Into the Action with the 3D Before, the only way to get a high-quality 3D film experience was at the theater. You can now watch 3D better from your sofa.

To give the illusion of 3D, most movie theaters job two distinct images on the exact same display through polarizing filters. A single eye sees just 1 version, the pictures are filtered out by your big glasses.
Within this process, you lose more than 75 percent of the light–and the graphics never quite match up. This is the reason you lose the crispness of these pictures, and why some people feel nauseous.

VR With The big screen

The dual-screen architecture of CINERA eliminates this problem entirely. Its stereoscopic display system that is native ensures each of your eyes has the light path and its own screen panel, there’s absolutely no loss of quality and absolutely no filter. So you can love brighter 3D graphics than ever before.

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