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The Tile Pro Collection: Now Find Your Keys In Style

The Tile Pro collection

The Tile Pro collection offers new range pieces with improved features

The Tile Pro collection bluetooth location trackers has made finding your lost keys much easier, they’re an affordable and reliable way of keeping track of your valuables. Now they’re getting more stylish and more sporty, with Tile’s new Pro range.

The new collection is the company’s most advanced yet, and it comes in two flavours, Tile Style and Tile Sport.

Both offer notable hardware upgrades, including double the Bluetooth range (now up to 61 metres), and double the volume of its predecessors.

The new devices also look a bit more premium and a little less techy, with the Tile Sport featuring a rugged tread and graphite ring which screams durability.

The Tile Pro collection


Sport is waterproof*, so you’ll never lose the things that matter most, no matter what life throws at you.

While the Tile Style is framed in a champagne gold ring with more subtle satin white interior.

The new range is accompanied by an updated Tile app, with features specifically designed for the new products.

And finally, if you’re an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant user, you’ll be able to ask your virtual assistant, “Alexa, ask Tile where my keys are”. This question will either ring the Tile if its in Bluetooth range, or provide you with a last known location.

The Tile Pro collection

Google Assistant support is available now for all Tile devices, and an Amazon Alexa skill is coming later this month.

The Tile Pro collection is available today with individual tags starting at £29.99 each, or £49.99 for a two-pack.

With the launch of the our new Pro Series, we’ve included some exciting enhancements to the Tile app to make your finding experience even easier.

There’s also a more accurate proximity meter, which visually lets you know if you’re getting closer or further away from the item.


The Tile Pro collection



Proximity meter:
With the improved range of the Pro Series, we wanted to make it easier to find your Tiles when you’re within Bluetooth range. This has inspired us to redesign our Proximity Meter, making it even more helpful. Here’s how it works:

Open the app and select the item you are looking for. Tap either the “Find” button or the Tile icon and a series of green rings will appear. As you get closer to your item, more rings will fill in with green to let you know you’re heading in the right direction.

The Tile Pro collection


Volume Control:
Since our Pro Series features double the volume of Tile Mate, we wanted to provide our users with option to control the loudness of their ring. Here’s how it works:

Open the Tile app and select the item you are looking for. Tap either the “Find” button or the Tile icon and will be presented with three volume options:

– Mute: Using the proximity meter only.

– Loud: Using 50% volume

– Loudest: Using full volume

Select whichever volume is appropriate for your search.

The Tile Pro collection

Select your own ringtone:
With the launch of our Pro Series, we’ve included two new ringtones —  Skipping Stones and To and Fro — for a total of eight. Now you can personalize your search even more. Here’s how it works:

– Select the item that you want to update from the List View in the app.

– Select ‘Options’, then select ‘Details’ from the Options menu.

– Select ‘Ringtone.’ There will be eight options here of you to try. When you find the one that you like, select it and wait 30-60 seconds.


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