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Bragi’s New Dash Pro Enables Wireless Listening Without Missing a Beat


Bragi redeems itself through the new Dash PRO

Bragi has announced a new version of the Dash, and they have more in common with the original Bragi Dash than with the minimal headphone they launched late last year. The new Dash PRO tailored by Starkey are more powerful wearable computers, with the Starkey variant adding tech from Starkey. Starkey is a maker of high-end audio and hearing tech. But it’s a high-end experience for a high-priced product. Bragi is asking $499 U.S. for the Dash PRO tailored by Starkey, while the regular PRO will only cost $329 U.S. The Starkey version has bud tips created from a mold of the user’s ears.


The Dash PRO (non-tailored by Starkey version) is basically an upgraded version of the original DASH. The tailored version on the other hand is made with an exact impression of your ear canal, just like other high-end hearing aids and in-ear monitors for musicians. To ensure The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey fits perfectly inside the bends of your ear canals, a professional will take precise measurements and impressions of your ears. These impressions are scanned electronically and used to create 3D-printed shells that will merge with Bragi’s Ear Touch interface.

The Dash Pro will offer improved Bluetooth performance, better audio and call quality, and five hours of battery life, according to Bragi. Auto Tracking enables the tailored Dash Pro to recognize your activity. The tailored Dash Pro can identify if you are walking, running, cycling or swimming.They’re waterproof in up to three feet of water, too, which makes them ideal for swimming and other water sports.

A built-in 32-bit processor and a suite of 27 sensors help power the on-board computing functions. It includes pass-through active audio transparency, like the oriingla, as well as a new codec to help further minimize background white noise. These features also get an update; Dash PRO now supports iTranslate compatibility. This means you can actually translate speech on the fly using the headphones. There’s a new 4D menu system, which lets you control the Dash PRO by simply moving your head around if your hands are otherwise occupied. Upcoming features to Dash devices via the software update, include one-touch Bluetooth connections, automatic tracking of fitness activities and offline storage of workout tracking. There’s even a reworked audio profile, and better audio transparency based on testing.

The Dash Pro consumer model connects to Android, Apple or Windows devices with what Bragi claims is a “simple, one-touch” setup. They’re fitted with computing features like the iTranslate real-time language translation, the hands-free menu systems and the built-in workout tracking features. This sets them apart from the rest.
Bragi’s new OS will be pre-installed on the Dash Pro, and both sets of earbuds are available to order in the US and Canada starting today on Bragi’s website.


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