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Coolpad A1 & Coolpad Mega 4A Smartphone Launched In India

Coolpad A1 and Coolpad Mega 4A Smartphone comes with Android 7.1 Nougat Coolpad A1 and Coolpad Mega 4A Smartphone have been established in India. Coolpad...

LG V35 ThinQ Smartphone With Dual 16 MP Cameras Incoming

LG V35 ThinQ Smartphone Comes With AI Camera Capabilities LG V35 ThinQ Smartphone: LG is allegedly set to launch a different smartphone in its own V-series....

OnePlus 6 To Be Amazon Exclusive

OnePlus 6 To Be Amazon Exclusive | No Confirmed Dates Yet Bits of rumours about the OnePlus 6 dispatch have been circling for some time,...

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Panasonic P101 Launched Budgets Smartphone In India

Panasonic P101 Smartphone runs on Android 7.1 Nougat Panasonic P101: Panasonic has established a brand new P-series smartphone in India comprising an 18:9 screen. Named  Panasonic...