A ritual of passage for every new smartphone is to eventually find itself on the iFixit’s teardown table. This time, it’s the Google’s newest smartphone Pixel XL that’s been gutted by the site.

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The teardown outcome didn’t come out too surprising for the HTC manufactured, Google designed $750 device. On a funny note, the site actually broke the Samsung-made OLED panel while assessing its separation from the digitizer glass. Although, the incidence indicates towards the fragility of the phone screen; on the plus side the OLED panel isn’t bonded to the glass, so you can replace just the broken glass instead of having to buy another expensive OLED.

Source: iFixit

Under the display, iFixit found a “slim and flexible” magnesium mid-frame that hides most of the device’s components. The HTC branded battery – the only sign of the device’s true manufacturer – along with Samsung provided storage and RAM. Surprisingly, the Pixel, like the last year’s Nexus device, contains a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 chip despite not being Quick Charge 3.0 compatible; it uses USB-PD.

The phone earned a 6 out of 10 for repairability. Also, iFixit found many modular components that are easily replaceable, along with an easily-removable battery and a single screw size.  It cited the fragile display and clip-in mid-frame as items that will slow down any would-be phone repairers.

You can go through the whole Pixel XL teardown over at iFixit.